The Only Way Your Digital File Storage Can Be Protected Against Data Breaches

Virtual data room is a technological solution on the IT market for ensuring secure business management. In this article, we will analyze the software functionality as a good alternative to digital storage against data breaches. 

How to protect your digital file storage?

Business performance in many cases depends on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Currently, one of the most pressing threats in the field of information security is the protection of confidential data from unauthorized actions of users.

This is because most of the traditional protection tools such as antiviruses, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems are not able to provide effective protection against internal intruders (insiders), the purpose of which may be to transfer information outside the company for later use. – sales, transfers to third parties, publications in the public domain, etc. Virtual data room systems are designed to solve the problem of accidental and intentional leaks of confidential data.Prevention of information leakage in its essence is the provision of one of its integral properties – confidentiality.

Reliably protect data repositories only with the use of comprehensive software and organizational measures. The control of access to the server part of the repository puts the requirements for authorization and multifactorial authentication of users both at the level of operating and applied systems and at the level of access to data bases. The level of access by authorized persons as in the closed room of the data center and software and data must be determined only in the way and through means that are authorized by security policy. The corporate security policy should provide for the use of multi-level independent audit administrators occurring at all levels of the information system. For centralized monitoring of events in real-time, it is advisable to use information management systems and security messages that provide authorized personnel and users of the network information on its condition and allow, following the given rules and settings, respond to menacing situations to occur.

Virtual data room – secure storage for your business data 

Following, today most companies use electronic data rooms as a good alternative to well-protected digital file storage.

Virtual data room is a secure platform for storing, using, transmitting, and protecting critical information both within the company and when it is transferred to partners. The software can be compared to digital safe for the enterprise.The product enables a secure warehouse for storing and exchanging business-critical data, including emails and investments, as well as secure storage, use, and control of sensitive information. It is a technical solution that, together with organizational methods, provides comprehensive protection against information leakage.

In this case, protection is carried out at the content level, that is, the information itself is protected, for example, inside an email or document, and becomes available only to those employees who are allowed access by the security policy.

Data room enables the following benefits:

  • the ability to block leaks in real-time
  • archiving all the intercepted information, the possibility of subsequent search and analysis of the archive data
  • scanning local and network storage facilities for finding confidential information files
  • data protection in storage locations – on servers and backup media
  • unified management console
  • a single control interface with the capabilities of role-based access of access;
  • restricting IT service personnel access to critical data.