iDeals Virtual Data Room: Offering Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

For Enterprise IT teams, info protection, particularly in the cloud market, may provide a hurdle. By utilizing customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK), iDeals adds additional security safeguards to assist CMEK.

CMEK, a novel measure in the VDR secure software sector, is used by iDeals to give clients’ IT departments complete control over the CMEKs and the following choices:

Important Vault Location. Clients of iDeals have the option to select key management programs and an encryption key storage site that is separate from iDeals info storage.

Control over cloud-based data. Clients now have the option to control not just their CMEKs but also the info kept in the iDeals cloud infrastructure thanks to CMEK.

Enterprise Grade Security

Over a hundred controls covering processes, apps, infrastructure, and people have been independently approved for iDeals virtual data room. You may feel secure knowing that all of your projects hosted at iDeals have received the industry’s most prestigious security credentials.

Infrastructure Availability and Security

All iDeals data centers have uninterruptible power supplies, strict access controls and physical security measures.

Real-time info backup via encrypted VPN tunnels guarantees that no document sent to the VDR will ever be lost or deleted.

Data availability in an emergency is ensured by geographically distributed info centers and worst-case prevention scenarios such as fire or flood.

Dependable Access Security

Access rights can be set individually for each user or collectively for a group. Define user roles and access privileges for particular iDeals virtual data room areas, and revoke them whenever you want.

You have control over each file’s visibility and accessibility.

There’s no need to keep track of many passwords and project names. Access all the projects you are involved in by logging into your single account.

In order to employ two-factor authentication, a password and a one-time code must be provided to the authorized user’s mobile device. The code can only be used once to access the info area, and it soon expires.

The data room administrator can set regulations for session length and file access expiration date, as well as prohibit login from a specific IP address.

Every action in the VDR is precisely tracked by comprehensive audit trails down to the second. Any time can be used to review all user activity.

To make sure users can only view the documents they are permitted to see, administrators can view document access from any user’s point of view.

Secure Document Integrity

The info room administrator can grant granular, or role-based, access. Set Upload and get the original Obtain a PDF to print Download, see, and fence a secure PDF. View and modify permissions as necessary.

Adaptable watermarks include the user’s name, IP address, access date, and access time. In the event of a security breach, this aids in locating the leak’s origin.

Screen printing, screen capture, and unlawful viewing are all prevented via barred screen areas.

Online Excel spreadsheets can be used to change, examine, and safely protect info. Excel spreadsheets can be secured by configuring various access levels, including secure reading with or without formulae and limited viewing without formulas.

The client-side does not keep any information while reading secure documents. The info is not permanently written; it is just kept in random access memory.

An encrypted device’s info can be remotely locked and erased by the administrator.

Set the duration for which each document may be downloaded. Restrict access to files even after they have been downloaded.