Is McAfee Good for Your Computer?

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McAfee is a very popular antivirus solution that offers reliable protection and a 100% virus removal guarantee. Its reputation is so high that some laptops come with this software pre-installed directly from the store. What’s more, users often get it when they install Adobe products. Such sources make people ask lots of questions about McAfee antivirus and its services. One of the most popular questions: is McAfee good? So, let’s discover more about the program to answer this question.

The highlights of the software

McAfee has been delivering its services for more than 20 years now. It offers an excellent quality of the services that allow the company to remain one of the leaders in the industry.

The program works with major operating systems like Mac OS and Windows. It has very simple minimum requirements making the program very compatible and well-suited for different devices.

According to the independent test labs, McAfee detects all phishing sites. Aside from that 100% result, it’s also very good at stopping malware, viruses, and zero-day threats. The software efficiently intercepts threats to prevent data loss or file corruption.

Premium plans support multiple devices in the household allowing users to protect all the gadgets at an affordable price.

The customer support works in the live chat and via email. It quickly responds and assists users with billing issues, occurring questions, and other problems.

Three facts to account for before installing McAfee

  • Many people complain the interface is too confusing.
  • The pricing policy seems a little higher when you cover multiple devices.
  • McAfee engines still skip some malware.

The peculiarities of virus removal

Probably the best guarantee of the reputation and quality is the 100% virus removal guarantee. In case a user fails to delete a virus, the company will do it remotely.

This makes McAfee very alluring and appealing to users from all around the world. Such an advantage helps the software stand out from the rest. It’s the best solution for inexperienced users and those who want to be completely sure the software has everything covered.

Extra features and tools that come in the bundle

Every user gets a selection of extra features that add protection and comfort to using the software. Depending on the package, the features may vary. The free edition is the most limited and offers only basic features. Upgraded packages bring:

  1. New ransomware guard. It scores excellent results in detecting and stopping zero-day threats and ransomware. The efficiency of this newly added feature is proved by the independent test labs. While it works in the background, the tool blocks every threat the moment it notices suspicious activities.
  2. A personal firewall. This extra tool is very convenient since it doesn’t bring annoying pop-up windows and makes most of the decisions internally. A user sees only windows that are essential and need one’s attention.
  3. A password manager. Although such a feature comes in most antivirus packages, it’s still a helpful addition. This manager is of average quality.
  4. Optimization tools and several scanning modes. Combined they secure smooth performance and virus-free devices.

Final thoughts

A very popular and widespread antivirus program doesn’t lose its fame. McAfee regularly introduces innovations and new features to keep up with the progress and shield users from all kinds of online and offline threats including malware, viruses, zero-day threats, phishing sites, adware, spyware, etc. Pick the most suitable version for your device based on the features you want and the price you are willing to pay.