Best Large Dog Beds: Tips and Advice

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A dog is a member of the family, right? And each member of the family should have their place to sleep. A separate bed, even for a large dog, is a way to give the pet his resting place, and a clean bed and a healthy sleep. Especially if your ward has large dimensions and needs a spacious place. In our review, you will read all about the best large dog beds.

Why should you buy a separate bed for a dog?

Dog breeders know how a dog sometimes wants to sleep in the same bed as its owner. And this is a mistake, because the dog brings dirt and parasites after the street, spins in a dream and brings a lot of inconvenience to a person, and that to a dog.

Therefore, a separate bed for a dog is not a whim, but a real necessity. So, to ensure sleep hygiene and cleanliness, it is worth buying a suitable place. Neglecting already that you are the owner of a large dog, it will be very uncomfortable for you to sleep on the same bed.

What should look like a couch for a large dog

In the pet shop, you can find many different options for dog beds. There are mattresses, and cute cribs for puppies, and large sunbeds and sofas for large breeds.

Some owners can create a bed or sofa for a dog on their own – it is cheap and allows you to be creative.

For the manufacture of such a product, soft textiles with anti-slip properties are required. This can be a velour, for example, or materials for plaids, quilts, etc.

How to train a dog to bed

It is advisable to teach a dog to a dog bed from a puppy’s age. At first, it can be difficult, the dog will ask in your bed. But over time, it will get used to the fact that it has its own place.

A common mistake of dog breeders, especially young ones, is that they accustom a dog to sleep in their bed, then when, for example, a child appears, they drive the dog away, which, of course, takes offense. If she knows about her place from childhood, this problem will not be.

Some tips to help you get your dog to his place

To teach a puppy to a place, first, you need to teach him his nickname. After you train your puppy with a nickname, go to the “place” command itself. After the place has already been arranged, entice your puppy by the nickname with a treat and put a little treat in his place, so that he lingers a little on this place and chews on the obviously prepared food. At this point, while he is eating, say the place command a couple of times. Repeat this procedure several times.

No need to forcibly settle the puppy in its place and try to get perfect results from it with the execution of the command to lie down, etc. Your task is to visually accustom him to the place, saying the command while the puppy is eating.

Each time the puppy falls asleep out of place, your task will be to take him to his place.

When you say a place, he will learn from a young age that according to this command there should be a treat in his place and he will definitely run to check if it is in place. Thus, you will train the puppy to the place.