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Computer security is like personal health. This means that it is necessary to take responsibility for your device. Many users mistakenly believe that in order to avoid virus threats, it is enough just to avoid harmful programs. But this is not at all the case. Spyware and malware await everywhere, even on the safest and most reliable resources. And the best way to protect your PC from them is to download a proven and reliable antivirus. It is desirable that itwas recognized as the best, isn’t it?

What means the top antivirus?

Topness is a sign of quality and popularity. The products that have shown themselves to be the best, most reliable and user-friendly are always at the top of the best. Each year, ratings show different results in the evaluation of antiviruses. In this case, sometimes there are new products. Or the developers have tried and strongly modified their product.

If we talk about the criteria of quality, then to get into the list of the best, the product should be:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Have a license
  • Effectively protect your computer
  • Regularly updateable
  • Added useful functionality

That is, the antivirus must be of high quality and reliable. And it does not matter whether the product is paid or not. Many users have noted many decent options among free products.

Does price matter?

There is an opinion that free versions lose before paid programs. This is partly true. But only partially. The fact is that the paid versions are extended free. For example, if a free antivirus is created for the sake of protecting your computer and user data, that is, it performs basic options, then in the case of paid ones everything is a bit wider. A subscription can have added functionality, enhanced program features and much more.

Top free antivirus for 2019

Among the programs that are available in the free version, you can select a group of leaders who have proven their high quality:

  • Avast
  • Avira
  • 360 Security
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky Free
  • Web
  • Panda

These are the best options for guarding your personal computer at home or simply for an individual user. All these programs are regularly updated with responsive technical support. The choice of antivirus from the listed list is an individual matter. It all depends on the preferences of the user.

The best paid antiviruses 2019

Antivirus subscriptions can be purchased for corporate networks or if you want professional protection with all the extras. In such cases, we recommend turning to the latest updates and the latest developments. So, as of 2019, the leaders of paid antiviruses are:

The developers of each of these antiviruses have thoroughly updated their products. In some of them, such as AVG Internet Security 2019, new features have been added. Also in the updated versions were fixed bugs and bugs, improved performance and functionality.

Final word

It does not matter if you purchased a paid or free protection service for your computer. Each option has decent protection and qualities that will help you:

  • protect your computer
  • eliminate spyware threats
  • get rid of malware
  • safe to visit sites that interest you

And most importantly, keep your files intact and your nerves calm.

If you are looking for the top antivirus, we advise you to pay attention to Kaspersky, Norton, Avast, Bitdefender and ESET NOD32. And most importantly, your antivirus should suit you in all respects.